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Allen Iverson Answers Everything: 2017 MVP, Rest as BS...and Breaking Ankles

“Iverson joined B/R Mag for an exclusive discussion on his MVP choice in a crowded field, the state of today’s NBA and his reaction to Tim Hardaway’s allegation that the crossover is his move.”
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Rudy Gobert Is Daydreaming of a Utah Jazz Championship—and a Rap Career?

He might be the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year, but the Stifle Tower tells B/R Mag that he's just getting started, on and off the court
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My Game-Day Style: Andre Iguodala

The Warriors’ Indispensable Sixth Man and Tech Investor Shares His Style Strategy During B/R Mag’s All-Access Tour of His Closet
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The Secrets Behind Russell Westbrook's Extreme Physique

He's a triple-double machine, but his teammates say his workout routine is a mystery. How did Westbrook become so (MVP-level) explosive?
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Celtics-Bulls Is the First Domino in the East's 24/7 Fight Against LeBron

"There's teams that, all they dream and sleep and eat and think about is beating LeBron and beating Cleveland."
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After Aaron Hernandez Suicide, Victim's Family Speaks: 'I Just Started Crying'

The former New England Patriot tight end was convicted of murder in the 2013 death of Odin Lloyd.
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Steve Kerr Is the King of Cool: Drama x Joy x Defeat = Destiny on Repeat

Looking back at the miraculous life of the Warriors coach reveals the truth about “dramatic saga” and revenge after his team’s 3-1 Finals collapse—a B/R Mag exclusive
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Can you imagine anyone BUT Russ on the cover of NBA 2K18? You really think Kendrick is gonna name-check the Beard on his record? Nah.
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When the Sonics Boomed

"We would have made a huge dynasty, but it didn’t happen." — Gary Payton
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Dirk says no one ever asks him for advice. But Kristaps Porzingis, Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Davis tell B/R Mag they've learned plenty from the legend
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This is What It's Like to Chase Your Pro Baseball Dreams...for 12 Bucks an Hour

"Without us," Kyle Johnson says, "there is no baseball." Then why are so many minor leaguers like him getting paid below the poverty line?
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He's got a ring, a deadly jumper and...jokes? Get to know the NBA superstar who can kill your team's championship dreams without saying a word
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Justin Jackson Has UNC on the Brink of a Championship

He wasn't ready to leave the North Carolina brotherhood last year; now he's ready to win a title.
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Ballad of the Big Show: Wrestlemania 33 is the Climax of Blood, Shaq and Tears

How a gentle giant helped take pro wrestling to the mainstream, from a failed basketball career to fighting Floyd Mayweather and then some
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Hometown Kid PJ Dozier is Guiding South Carolina's Cinderella Run

"I was coming to South Carolina games when almost no one was watching," Dozier says. "Everyone is watching us now."
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Francisco Lindor is Trying to Save Baseball from Itself

The new face of MLB isn’t Mike Trout or Kris Bryant. It's Cleveland’s fun and flashy shortstop.
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My Game-Day Style: CJ McCollum

The Trail Blazers Guard gives B/R Mag an exclusive look at how he suits up
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Underdog? Butler's Kamar Baldwin Has Always Been a Star

The legend began in diapers. You couldn't get a seat at his high school games. And on the eve of the Sweet 16, you ain't seen nothing yet.
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Sindarius Thornwell Destroyed Duke — And Shook Up March Madness

Get to know South Carolina's breakout star who busted brackets and now demands respect.
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Not Quite Like Mike

Confetti, cracked dreams and crying in front of Jordan: what it feels like one year later for UNC's Marcus Paige, whose one shining moment got erased by the ultimate March Madness buzzer-beater
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Lonzo Ball is Life: UCLA's Superstar is Ready to Win it All

Lonzo Ball's jump shot may be "wrong," but everything else about UCLA's game-changing freshman—yes, including his dad—is right.
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The Real Luke Kennard: How Duke's Star Found His Swag in Time for March Madness

Glowing in the embers of a dumpster-fire drama is the steady shooter who might save the Blue Devils' season again. Also: childhood photos and a defense of his UGG boots. (Your move, Tar Heel fans.)
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Cody Garbrandt is Living the Dream: How UFC's New Stud Got His Superpower

The MMA champ looks the look and talks the talk. Neither bully nor saint, he fights, he forgives and he definitely cries. This is how a boy from Dreamsville got all he ever wanted
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Markelle Fultz is the Prototype: Meet the NBA Draft's 2017 Superstar in Waiting

He has Steph Curry-like cool, James Harden-esque skills and impossible expectations. An exclusive look at the rise of the man who could be the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft
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Markelle Fultz Is the Big Man on Campus 2.0: Inside the Making of a Superstar NBA Draft Pick

Snapchats with Coach from class, anonymity in the student center and FaceTime with Mom: An exclusive day in the life of Washington’s point guard reveals how to love every minute of being a one-and-doner
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Steph Curry's Secrets To Success: Brain Training, Float Tanks And Strobe Goggles

Steph Curry and the world's elite athletes are using deep science and cutting-edge tech to study and train their brains, and the results have been profound—not only in their games, but also their lives.
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Drake, 2K and Netflix: Five Moments at Home with the Phoenix Suns

Devin Booker and Tyler Ulis give B/R Mag an exclusive look inside their young, rich and surprisingly laid-back lives
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How Mo'ne Davis Made Her Hoop Dreams Come True

A history-making shutout in the Little League World Series made her a bonafide star. Now, the beloved pitcher is getting buckets as a D-I hopeful.
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Move Over, MJ and D-Wade: Jimmy Butler is the New King of Chicago

It's Jimmy's team. Everyone else is along for the ride.
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The Greatest Game Never Played

Jordan and Magic were in their primes and Vegas was ready for what would have been the biggest 1-on-1 showdown ever. So what went wrong?
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ALL 30 NBA Logos Reimagined

B/R and noted artist Hebru Brantley celebrate Black History Month by recreating all 30 NBA logos
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Thon Maker is the Bucks' Secret Unicorn

Too good to be true? Spend some time with the Bucks' rangy, risky project—he backs down KG but shoots like Steph, keeps the diet of an offensive lineman but lifts like a boss, all while determined to be MVP—and you'll become a believer, too.
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Last Fan Standing

They burned his jerseys and called him a traitor. But as Kevin Durant returns to Oklahoma City, he's still got a friend in an 11-year-old superfan named Charlie
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The Super Bowl Was a Game, Not World War

Trump's Patriots vs. ATL-style democracy? Marky Mark vs. Outkast? To the real Americans in Houston this weekend, politics didn't matter, and Tom Brady was not the president by proxy.
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Hidden in Plain Sight

Despite throwing a state-record 56 TD passes with only two interceptions for his state championship team, small town Georgia QB K'Hari Lane waits for a major college scholarship offer that may never come.
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The Soundtrack of DeMar DeRozan’s Life

Yes, he's straight outta Compton. But there's more to know about the Toronto Raptors superstar guard. His playlist can tell you.
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Inside the NFL’s Domestic Violence Punishment Problem

During the Ray Rice scandal, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell drew a line in the sand. B/R Mag investigates what’s happened since.
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Yes, The NBA Can Tear Down Trump's Wall

How Melo and Co. might pick up Obama's torch (and maybe even raise a fist) as an increasingly bold (and defiantly black) force for good in far-right America.
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A Man Named Joe

Before the 'road rage' killing, before the racially charged trial, Joe McKnight ran. He ran to the NFL and back. And then, when the world felt like it was collapsing around him, he ran some more.
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The superstar and the homecoming king. The coach and the booster and even the Texas-sized lineman with a heart of gold. For the Manvel Mavericks, this year had all the makings of a sequel to Friday Night Lights. But some things are too good to be true.
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James Harden Is Everywhere

Fear the beard? Sure. Fear the uptempo, knock-it-down, can't-stop-him point guard? Now that's an idea so crazy it just might work. For the Houston Rockets and their mad experiment in efficiency, it already has. Be very afraid
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The Way Of The Waltons

How do you become the chillest coach in the NBA? If you grow up in a celebrity frat house like Luke Walton did, the philosophy writes itself: Listen to legends, learn from the hippies and keep your cool...even if there is a little hazing (and losing) along the way
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Secrets Of The Patriot Way

The first rule of Bill Belichick's club is: You only talk about winning. The second rule is: You ONLY talk about winning. Third rule: If Gronk taps out, Mahty's got his back. Fourth rule: Coach is scary, but don't play scared. Or else
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The NFL's Drug of Choice

Injections and pain-relieving pills on game day. Potential lasting damage. B/R Mag's survey of 50 current players sheds light on pro football's dirty secret: Toradol
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As American As The Dallas Cowboys

Scenes from a Muslim enclave that is openly radicalized (over who loves this country even more), deeply divided (over which team to root for) and secretly plotting in the garage about a controversial religion: football.
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In the Shadow of Kimbo Slice

Kevin Ferguson Jr. (aka Baby Slice) is channeling pain from the death of his late father (aka notorious street fighter Kimbo Slice) to defend a family legacy the only way he knows how: in the cage.
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Fourth And Swag

Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King doesn't get nervous—he gets your attention. And then during off-days at his place in Silicon Valley, his attention turns to wine, cars and...SpongeBob?
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The Linebacker, the Dead Body and a Pizza Delivery from Hell

Napoleon Harris may not be Bruce Wayne—he was in the NFL and politics, and he's real—but for at least one night, to one community on Chicago's South Side, he was as close to Batman as this world has to offer
B/R Mag -

Jelly Fam: Welcome to the New Hoops Phenomenon

New York City's No. 1 high school point guard Isaiah Washington and his crew are breathing life back into youth basketball culture
B/R Mag -

David Blatt In Exile

Confessions of a coach who left behind the NBA 'machine'—and That Guy (aka LeBron)—for the very un-American exceptionalism of life in Europe
B/R Mag -

The Mystery Man of Alabama

He can't lose. He can dead-lift nearly 600 pounds. He is Russell Wilson, but he is 18 years old. He is Johnny Football with his shoes on fire. If Crimson Tide quarterback Jalen Hurts is too good to be true, then, well, who is he?
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Learn From Lutz

One great catch made Philip Lutzenkirchen a hero. One bad decision killed him at 23. But the lessons of his tragic death in a drunken driving accident, detailed here for the first time, could save young people's lives for years to come
B/R Mag -

Being Jabrill Peppers

How Michigan's living legend embraces the pedestal of superstardom, from the frat house and his music video to the NFL and beyond
B/R Mag -

Tony Romo Isn't Going Anywhere

Inside the lost season of a Dallas Cowboys quarterback who refuses to fail—even if he did just lose the biggest job in football
B/R Mag -

Shaka Smart is Wreaking Havoc on College Basketball

He doesn't recruit, defend or train like anybody else. But is this former Cinderella coach the one who can finally bring a championship to Texas?
B/R Mag -


The case for stacking up a man of our times with Mayweather, Pacquiao, Tyson and, yes, even The Greatest himself
B/R Mag -

Tim Tebow Can't Help Himself

What if a 29-year-old former quarterback was good enough to play pro baseball, too? What if we all tried the things that people told us we could not do? Inside the final comeback of a born-again star
B/R Mag -

Stuntin' in Style

Lakers stars Julius Randle & D'Angelo Russell show off their flair for fashion on the streets of L.A.
B/R Mag -

A New Day for (American) Football in Mexico

There used to be a sport more popular in Mexico than soccer. Then something terrible happened
B/R Mag -


An exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at how the rest of the NBA is coping with Golden State’s superteam reveals that—yeah, everyone else is pretty screwed. But across the star-studded basketball galaxy, rebel fleets are plotting the impossible. Herein, strategies to take down the Death Star… and fix an unfair league
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Hungry Like the Wolves

The young stars of the Minnesota Timberwolves are ready to take over the NBA. But can Karl-Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins and Zach LaVine turn around a franchise that seems to have forgotten how to win?
B/R Mag -

Baller. Rapper. Underdog. Don't Sleep on Damian Lillard

Portland's star point guard drops an album and a B/R Mag-original music a whole lotta knowledge on how he became 'the best hooper to ever rap'
B/R Mag -

Superheroes Are Real

They jump out of planes. They fly onto the field of battle. They run, chainsaws in hand, into 20-foot flames against the ultimate opponent: Mother Nature. Meet the smokejumpers of America, a merry band of athletes just trying to—oh, I dunno—save the world
B/R Mag -

Donald Trump Is Tearing the NFL Apart

Fights. Friendships ended. Racial divides. Requirements not to talk about a combustible candidate on team property. B/R Mag’s examination of the football locker room electorate reveals that America’s most popular sport is just as politically divided as the nation itself
B/R Mag -

Why You Really Hate Tom Brady

A B/R Mag investigation
B/R Mag -

Why Bo Chose Baseball

How one scout persuaded one marvel of physicality, Bo Jackson, to turn away from the NFL.
B/R Mag -

The Fight of Their Lives

Meet the team of 11- and 12-year-old mini-Kaepernicks protesting during the national anthem in southeast Texas—despite death threats and their coach's suspension after a nonstop fight against injustice
B/R Mag -

The Fierce Urgency of Melo

From Baltimore to Broadway to Rio and late nights in bed confronting police violence, Carmelo Anthony has found his voice as the superstar conscience of professional sports. What's he going to do with it?
B/R Mag -

‘I Can’t Be Silent’

The Running Backs of Baton Rouge Know How to Protest
B/R Mag -

What Mizzou Knew

The University of Missouri football team's boycott still hasn't been duplicated. Colin Kaepernick's silent protest is a start, but what if pro athletes refused to play?
B/R Mag -

The Great Fall of Chyna

How WWE’s greatest female wrestler disappeared
B/R Mag -

Weekend at Johnny’s

I traveled across America walking in Johnny Manziel’s shoes, sitting in his bar seats and passing through his velvet ropes. What I discovered, from College Station to West Hollywood and back again, is a wanderer with no place to call home.
B/R Mag -

‘I’m Not the Lone Wolf’

Chasing Ambien with beer to sleep. Forty-pound weight loss. Chest pains. To stay in football, Urban Meyer had to address his mental health. Now, to help America tackle the issue, Ohio State's head coach opens up in a B/R Mag exclusive.

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